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Does the Lawyer Represent You?

Usually attorneys know their clients and their clients know their attorneys. But not always. In a recent New Jersey appellate court decision (Greening v. Levine), the appellate court grappled with...

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How To Start a Lawsuit

In ancient cultures, disputes over money were often resolved by the sword.  In modern societies, disputes over money that the parties cannot resolve among themselves are resolved in courts that...

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Mediation – Resolution Without Trial

In the New Jersey state court system, the court will require the parties to participate in Mediation at some point after the lawsuit is filed and answered, but before the end of the Discovery stage....

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Expert Witnesses

Prior articles discuss the way a lawsuit is started and the discovery stage of a lawsuit that takes place between the initial filing of court papers and the trial. The purpose of a trial is to allow...

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The Trial

The lawsuit was filed, the parties gathered evidence through the discovery process, each side retained expert witnesses.  The parties participated in mediation but did not settle the...

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