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When your debts begin to outpace your ability to make regular payments, you’re in danger of spiraling into financial collapse and losing the things you hold dear, including your home and even the ability to get a good job. You need immediate assistance to prevent your creditors from pursuing more aggressive action. Our New Jersey bankruptcy attorneys have helped thousands of consumers in New Jersey just like you get out from under their debts. Stop the collection calls now and contact Maselli Warren, P.C. today.

Call our lawyers right away at (800) 891-2657 for an in-depth, private consultation where we’ll explore your financial situation and explain your rights to file for bankruptcy protection. Don’t wait another second to get the peace of mind and fresh start you deserve.

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Can Bankruptcy Really Help me Get out of Debt?

Consumer bankruptcy is a very real option to help you get out of debt. The process can only work for you if you make the decision to use it. Many consumers choose to ignore the calls from their credit card companies rather than pursue all options available to them. Repossessions and wage garnishments usually follow, resulting in significantly reduced income and a forcible change of address. Families are uprooted, lives altered unnecessarily. Here’s what our attorneys can do for you:

  • Completing all Bankruptcy Paperwork and Filing — when you hire us to handle your bankruptcy filing, we fill out all the forms so you don’t need to worry about missing a line or entering the wrong information. We also meet all filing deadlines so your claim has the maximum chance to obtain approval.
  • Full Explanation of Process — with our legal team working on your behalf, you won’t ever be caught off guard by your bankruptcy. We explain every step, including financial disclosures and what options are best for your particular income level and assets.
  • Most Effective Strategies to Meet your Needs — we have decades of experience in bankruptcy filings in New Jersey. We understand the statutes and which may apply best to your particular application. We’ll work to protect your assets, and help you keep your home. If you don’t own significant assets, don’t worry. We’ll develop a plan to maximize your expunged debts without you having to give up as little property as possible.

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Can you Really Make the Creditors Stop Calling Me?

Absolutely. From the moment you file for bankruptcy protection, federal statutes (called the ‘automatic stay’) prohibit your creditors from contacting you in any way. The law also prohibits them from initiating actions against you to garnish your wages or seize secured property tied to delinquent debts. Their hands are tied. If any creditor breaches these regulations while you’re under the automatic stay, our lawyers will pursue them relentlessly for their violation. Our clients won’t be bullied or intimidated.

If you’re ready to take charge of your financial problems, call Maselli Warren, P.C. today at (800) 891-2657 to schedule a consultation. We conduct all sessions in private and your confidentiality is our utmost concern. This is one of the most trying times of your life, but there’s way out. Just pick up the phone and call and we’ll do the rest. 


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